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Get involved

Click to Action

The simplest way to help the cause! Click the image below to send a message of in support  of Just Cause Eviction to your representatives!

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Join the working group

Want to really get stuck into the campaign? Join our Housing Justice People's Working Group the first Wednesday of each month. Click the image below, fill in your details and we'll get in touch!

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add your organization to the coalition

If you represent or work in an organization that wants to join our coalition, click the image below to get in touch and start the conversation.

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Text bank 

Join us each Thursday, 6pm, and help us text Vermonters to let them know about the campaign and find other allies in our fight for Housing Justice. Click the image to sign up!


tell us your story

In Vermont, either you have a housing horror story or you know someone with one. If you wish to share yours, click the link below and tell us what happened. Your experience doesn't have to be repeated.


Donate to rad

Winning is only achievable with your help. This can be in the form of volunteering, promoting or a small dollar donation. Donate to RAD today to become a sustaining member and help us to keep fighting for the systemic change we need.

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